Thursday, 12 July 2012

Mesozoic Mondays Introduction

Welcome to Mesozoic Mondays!

Just a quick introduction about what we're planning on doing here. Mesozoic Mondays is a blog set up for Jurassic Forest, an educational animatronic dinosaur park near Edmonton, Canada. That being said, it is of course open to everyone! The more the merrier!

We're hoping to use Mesozoic Mondays as another way to teach people about creatures from the past and present, but of course, mainly from the Mesozoic. Each Monday, we will post about a creature, complete with pictures and sometimes links to some scientific websites where you can learn more. Throughout the week, we will answer any questions that are posted, and we encourage people to ask any questions they have. We also encourage suggestions or requests for what creatures to talk about.

Mesozoic Mondays is run primarily by a graduate student in palaeontology. She studies pterosaurs, the flying reptiles that lived along side dinosaurs, but has background in many aspects of vertebrate palaeontology, including dinosaurs.

We hope you enjoy!

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